Franchise delivery

Vapiano is extremely satisfied about the collaboration with Cashdesk:

“Cashdesk fits perfectly with our needs as a restaurant. It is convenient for both the consumers and the employees.”

The Cashdesk system works ideally for their restaurants:

“It’s a huge success. Since everything is done separately in our restaurant, like the different meal bars and the delivery and takeaway system, we have built a system together with Cashdesk which fits seamlessly with that.”

De case

Vapiano: a client on a global scale!

For this business case, we interviewed Mr. Claudius zur Linden and Mr. Eduard Kopilevich. Claudius is Business Development Director and Eduard, under his leadership and in the capacity of Business Developer, is responsible globally for the takeaway and delivery business of Vapiano.


The restaurant chain has over 200 restaurants worldwide, spread out over five continents. Besides serving Italian food in the restaurants, they also have a delivery service. This requires a structured and efficient approach. Two years ago, Vapiano was connected with Cashdesk, and since then, they have been collaborating successfully. Curious how this process developed? Then keep reading!

The situation

Since the opening of the first Vapiano restaurant in Hamburg, Germany about 15 years ago, the company has been doing very well. It keeps growing and developing. The unique concept actually consists of three pillars: a spacious and light interior, customer independence where interaction with the chef is possible, and fresh products. Vapiano’s approach is just that little bit different from normal restaurants, but this does not mean the quality is lacking. It’s a great success!

The challenge: speeding up the system

The restaurant branche has been developing rapidly in the past 15 years, and Vapiano also had to deal with the rise of delivery services. That’s why they decided to start their own delivery and takeaway service in 2015. What was clear from the very start was that the restaurant itself should under no circumstances suffer from this. That is why a separate entrance and waiting area were necessary. Logistically, this brought with it the necessary challenges.


Different types of packaging were needed for the restaurant, the takeaway and delivery service. The communication was also very different for each of the three services, and online ordering was a new factor. In order to speed up this complex system, they were looking for a new application that could manage both the restaurant and the delivery service.   

The solution: everything linked

At that moment, a Dutch partner of Vapiano connected them to Cashdesk. In the restaurant in The Netherlands, they were using a combination of a register and delivery system by Cashdesk, which they were satisfied with. That’s why they decided, during a meeting, that they would also use it for other restaurants.


This turned out to be a good idea. Week after week, features were added and developed. It also proved to be a good development for Cashdesk. Since Vapiano, being a big chain, would constantly be faced with different and new problems, Cashdesk was able to optimally develop the systems and allow its other users to profit from this as well.


At the moment, Vapiano has several points in the restaurant where orders can be placed, among which are the pasta bar, the salad bar and the regular bar. These are automatically linked to each other, so all employees receive the right receipt with the correct items. This results in a much faster workflow than before.

The results: a strong collaboration

Vapiano and Cashdesk currently have a strong collaboration. Together, they try to motivate delivery services to also start using the developed interfaces of Cashdesk. The Vapiano register and delivery service are constantly developing, and are altered according to the wishes of the consumer. At the moment, 67 restaurants in 7 countries are using the Cashdesk system, and this number keeps increasing.


Vapiano sees the Cashdesk systems as an advantage for both the employees and the customers. Whether the order is placed at the pizza counter, the pasta bar, or as an order to be delivered, it is always printed out for the right people. This way, everyone can work efficiently and the order arrives at the customer on time.

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